August 2023

teen voices

Teens in Print x AFH Collab

Amplifying AFH Voices

For many years Artists For Humanity (AFH) partnered with WriteBoston's Teens in Print (TiP), formerly a print publication written by TiP teen writers with accompanying photography by AFH teens. Today, TiP has evolved to an online publication, now powered by both teen writers and photographers.

TiP Program Director, Mohamed Barrie reached out to AFH last year to introduce himself as a new member of WriteBoston's team and wanted to know how we could collaborate again.

The conversation was long, but the idea came easy—what better way for AFH teen artists' voices to be heard than by TiP teen writers building their online voice? And that's how AFH and WriteBoston found themselves partnering again one year later.

Over the summer, TiP teen writers Ammar Prescott, Cimmaron Holman Jr., and Quang Truong teamed up with AFH teen artists to hear their stories. AFH Teen Coder Brian Lam, Teen Animator Garvin Santiago, and Teen Photographer Justice Wellington were in the spotlight and their stories create a window into their emerging artistic journeys and what it's like working at AFH—where their voices are heard and their opinions valued.

AFH teen coder Garvin Santiago

Teen Animator Garvin Santiago [Photo: Courtesy of Teens in Print].

But TiP writers Sundus Ali and Jazlynn Truong went one step deeper, interviewing AFH Alumna turned Assistant Mentor in our Graphic Design Studio, Zanique Horton-Durrette, and AFH Co-founder and Managing Director of Program, Jason Talbot.

The story of AFH and WriteBoston's partnership is filled with hope, vision, and the power of young people taking their place on the public stage. It's all about first steps, as Talbot noted during his interview with Truong, “Once you’ve taken the first step, then you have the option to take the second step.”

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