February 2024

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When Impact Goes Both Ways

Every Artists For Humanity (AFH) client project is an opportunity for transformation, not just for an AFH teen artist, but also for the business that hired us—our partner. This is what AFH calls 'beautiful business!"

We were thrilled when Boston Community Pediatrics (BCP) reached out, once again, to collaborate. This time, to bring joy into their seven exam rooms and smiles on their patients' faces. As the first nonprofit, pediatric private practice of its kind in Massachusetts, BCP brings equity to pediatric healthcare. Our missions align in so many ways.

"It was really important to me and to the organization that if we were going to have any art here it would be art that represents our community and there was no better Community partner in my mind than to have Artist For Humanity." —Robyn Riseberg, M.D., Boston Community Pediatrics

A group of teen graphic designers were selected for the project. Each was tasked to come up with a design concept, pitch it to the client, and apply feedback, iterating until final approval. For some of the teens this was not only their first client project, but one where their design was going to be scaled, printed and installed on walls no smaller than 8'x8'. The teens felt empowered!

"It really gets the teens involved with the process of understanding that your artwork can live in such a small area, like a tablet, but then [get] projected onto a huge medium, like a vinyl wrap."  —Mikey Guadarrama, AFH Graphic Design and Brand Manager/Mentor

The impact was undeniable for AFH teens—they built confidence, self-esteem and their resume, all at the same time—but also for BCP and their patients. Together AFH and BCP are contributing to economic vitality and building a more equitable world.

AFH Teen graphic designers pose in front of their graphic murals created for Boston Community PediatricsAFH teen graphic designer Nashley Vilar "Space Pediatrics" with her mentor Mikey Guadarrama (top center), and not present Kenneth Bazile "Underground Fair" (top left) and Christopher Ramos "Boston Youth Voyage (top right). Teen graphic designers Angel McMahon "Pigeon Pediatrics", Kayla Dinh's "Community Windows" and Arsen Sekmokas "Jelly Community" (bottom, L-R).

Teen Graphic Designer, Astrid Moore, shown here with her small-scale illustration and final installed art.Teen Graphic Designer, Astrid Moore, seen here with her small-scaled illustration and the installed graphic mural "Animal Tiles."

"It was just really nice to see that my work paid off and it was just really, really cool to see that I made an impact." —Astrid Moore, AFH Teen Graphic Designer

Artists For Humanity and Boston Community Pediatrics celebrate the seven graphic murals in their exam rooms.

AFH teen graphic designers Nashley Vilar, Arsen Sekmokas, and Kayla Dinh, with BCP Founder Robyn Riseberg, M.D. and BCP Marie-Claire Schneidman (top, L-R). AFH mentor Mikey Guadarrama, and teen graphic designers Christopher Ramos and Angel McMahon (bottom, L-R). Teen graphic designers not present: Kenneth Bazile and Astrid Moore.

Impact video produced by Artists For Humanity Video Production Studio.

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