About the Sculpture Studio

Participants have the opportunity to explore three-dimensional construction arts. Concepts are taken from sketch, to drawing, to model, to full execution. Participants are trained on computer-aided drafting programs and work hands-on conducting trials with materials to understand their properties and applicability to the project. Through demonstrations, innovation and experimentation, they learn to work with a variety of fine art and industrial tools and materials. AFH’s Sculpture/ID is renowned for fabricating unique bike-racks, outdoor signage, eco-friendly furniture and more – infusing the zest and unpredictability inherent in young people “making things.”

Recently, Sculpture/Industrial Design released a line of creative and playful bike racks and developed several models and custom designs for ‘ReVision’, a line of sustainable furniture composed of junk-mail and magazines cast in an eco-friendly resin, and set on a steel structure. They have regular commissions for sale and exhibition of their contemporary art and design.